Higher Output, Efficiency & Unparalleled Repeatability It's in Vector® The Future of Air Rings

A team of BE experts has completely rethought how blown film is cooled, and Vector is the result. Using Aerospace engineering and a deep understanding of how traditional air rings work, we have developed a ground-breaking approach to efficiently distributing chilled air uniformly from a single inlet around the bubble and controlling the flow to secure stable “bubble lock” – achieving higher output on your blown film line.

Clearest, strongest and best film It's in: AquaFrost® Water Quenched Blown Film technology

Combine the advantages of cast and conventional blown film, deliver improved clarity and thermoformability, balance orientation, and increase flexibility with less resins with BE's AquaFrost® system. Bring your costs down and your reliability up.

Thinner, Faster, Stronger and Cost Effective Film It's in: AeroFrost® Air Blown Film technology

The industry-leading AeroFrost® five- to 11-layer system. Fast job changeovers, requiring less start-up time and product waste minimisation, are a breeze to perform, making the AeroFrost® the best choice for today's increased demand for shorter jobs

Maximimum layer uniformity, changeover speeds and productivity It's in: SCD® Dies Streamlined Coextrusion Die

Engineered to your specific array and range of film structures, reduced purge time, and lower maintenance. Designed to minimize messy molten resin resistance, purge times and maintenance. Maximize layer uniformity, changeover speeds and productivity.

Enhanced Winding Flexibility It's in: FlexWIN® Winders The first winder capable of center winding with surface assist

Exceed market quality and productivity standards with the new authority in quality and flexibility. The FlexWIN® family of winders uses patented technology to ensure no fold-over and tapeless transfer to provide a smooth foundation for the roll.

Process Control and Functionality at the Push of a Button It's in: ITALYCS®5 The Integrated Temperature And Layer Yield Control System

Usability and functionality meet in the latest version of our line control system, ITALYCS® 5. Seamlessly control the complex extrusion process with our centralized line control system. For control of simple mono-layer lines or complicated 11-layer lines and everything in between.

Better Process. Better Film.